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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  November 7, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from studio 3 c in rockefeller center, this is "today in new york." now on "today in new york" the search for a gunman in a shooting that killed one man and injured a six-year-old girl. presidential candidates square off in south carolina. and a transmission intercepted before the crash of a russian airliner that could
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that plane to go down. good morning and welcome to "today." it is saturday, the 7th of november. >> you sure it is november 7th? because when you go out this morning you will be a bit confounded by these temperatures. how long will it last? >> hours. it is changing. we're easing into the chill again day by day. right now it's still mild but temperatures are dropping already and they'll continue to drop throughout the afternoon. we're back to reality after the record setting temperatures. temperatures falling through the 60s and then even cooler tomorrow. we're tracking lots of clouds out there. rain offshore. cold front has moved on through. it's breezy as well. we're not expecting a bright and beautiful day today. but these temperatures are very nice.
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63 right now. coasting through the 60s. eventually getting cooler as we head through the evening. temperature 65 degrees. still warmer than average, not as warm as yesterday. we begin this morning with the search for a gunman in a shooting that left one man dead and a six-year-old girl injured. >> reporter: one, two, at least three bullet holes in the siding of this plainfield house. the scene gives you an idea of the shooting that broke out. witnesses described it to us. >> the guy was shooting the other guy and the guy was running and trying to go into that house. >> reporter: that house being this one where in front the six-year-old girl was playing.
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we see the shot in the leg. >> reporter: two bullets hit garcia in the leg. another grazed the aunt who was outside. saying, i'm afraid for everyone here. while the girl and her aunt lay on the front lawn, witnesses say the targeted victim ran. >> he tried to go into that other house right there. the other door was locked. when he pulled the door he went to the ground because he was shot. i don't know how many times he was shot. >> reporter: there's anger the in this neighborhood why an innocent girl is a victim. >> something wrong has happened. why he tried to go in the house, somebody else's house? that's why the girl got shot. >> reporter: the prosecutors
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identities of the victims or any suspects' names. authorities are looking for them. this morning police are searching for three armed men who forced they way into a harlem apartment. the men allegedly pushed past the victim who answered the door. they pistol whipped the man, stole the cell phone, electronics and clothes and then ran off. the victim was treated for a cut to his head. police are searching for suspects who robbed a 78-year-old man in brooklyn. they push him against the car, then they take his wallet. it happened in utica avenue in the flatland section. if you have any information, please call police. if you ride the 7 subway train, part of that line is going to stay shut down
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no service between queensborough plaza. shuttle buses will be provided for commuters. decision 2016, the three democrats running for the white house were not on stage together but they still managed to trade jabs at a forum in south carolina. >> both vermont senator bernie sanders and martin o'malley targeted hillary clinton. sanders challenging her on gun control and campaign finance reform. >> i have many disagreements with hillary clinton. one of them is that i don't think it's good enough just to talk the talk on campaign finance reform. you've got to walk the walk. >> anybody who thinks that they
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doesn't know me very well. and they can actually look and see what i have said and done throughout my career. >> south carolina is a crucial state for the candidates. it is the first southern state to hold the presidential primary. ben carson is firing back this morning after a report in politico questioning claims he made about his past. >> in desperation on behalf of some to try to fiend a way to tarnish me -- >> republican presidential candidate ben carson calling friday's west point controversy a witch hunt. >> what about the west point thing is false? what is false about it? wait a minute. don't lie. i never said they received a full scholarship. nowhere did i say that. >> carson responding to comments
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was offered a full scholarship. politico reported west point has no record of carson applying, calling the story a fabrication. carson never claimed that he applied but said he did get an offer after being invited to events 50 years s -- years ago. carson says he doesn't remember exact names of the people he spoke to then. friday donald trump tweeted, wow, one of many lies by ben carson. big story. >> we have a frent who went to west point and i count kount wouldn't be okay with someone lying or exaggerating the truth. >> carson went on the offensive saying the media has been looking through everything trying to find a scandal as
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reporters brought up questions about carson's claim that he had a violent temper when he was young. >> my job is to call you out when you're unfair and i'm going to continue to do that. >> carson also said to reporters, quote, he didn't remember this level of scrutiny for president obama when he was running. >> trump is going to host saturday night live tonight. grouped opposed to trump's comments about immigrants have launched a petition against his hosting. a spokesperson for nbc declined to comment on these demonstrations. trump will also appear on meet the press on sunday morning and join carly fiorina and senator bernie sanders to talk about what are called outsider candidates. of course you can catch "meet the press" right here on news 4 tomorrow morning at 10:30. egyptian authorities are
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expected to hold a news conference about what caused that russian passenger jet to crash. this coming as russia suspends all flights to and from egypt and the department of homeland security announces new security efforts at international airports. right now there is no confirmation that a bomb took down that airliner but officials are heavily leaning to that conclusion. the black boxes suggest a bomb suddenly went off based on that everything seemed normal in the cockpit. some say the possibility of a catastrophic technical failure can't be ruled out. >> as the aircraft started to break up, you're going to get a
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to an explosive type device. >> isis chatter boasting of bringing the plane down may have warned that something was about to happen. >> externally you're looking at people who were handling cargo, mechanics, even third party vendors like catering officials who were putting food into the aircraft and could look to introduce an explosive device. >> the homeland security department is calling for new security measures at all airports. coming up on "today in new york" it may feel warm outside but the holidays are just around the corner. >> a look at the history behind this year's rockefeller center christmas tree. plus, when you can catch the lighting ceremony. >> and it's the end of an era as the family farm says good-bye. and we had temperatures in the 70s yesterday, 60s today. what's next?
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we'll take a look at your
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today's weather is brought to you by mcdonald's. there's the gwb early on a saturday morning. lots of folks up and around already at 6:12. what's up with that? >> go back to bed, everyone. >> and what's up with this weather? yesterday was so muggy and humid. i was miserable. >> i hated it too. >> it's going to change, right? >> i think most people were happy about the 70s yesterday from what i saw on social media. today may be a little less so. it's still going to be mild, still above average now.
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day for pat and me, pat and i. 60s. the humidity is dropping as well. tomorrow is your fall feel. temperatures right now are still in that comfortable zone. falling overnight. when i came into work a couple of hours ago, it was still almost 70. now we're down to 63. let's take a look at storm tracker. you can see we're tracking clouds but no rain this morning. that's what we like to see as we're heading into the weekend. there is a chance for rain for areas south of town. if you're in ocean or monmouth counties you may see some showers this afternoon. otherwise mostly dry out there. a little cooler north and west of town, down into the 50s. still, even when you have 50s
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we should be in the 40s and 30s this time of year. here's a look at your weekend planner day by day. today is mostly cloudy and breezy. a light jacket is really all you need. we are throwing that slight chance of a shower later on this afternoon. tomorrow definitely a more typical fall day. temperatures where they should be. lots of sunshine for your sunday. here's a look at future tracker. there's that showers. placed like forked river, ocean dproef grove, you may see a spotty shower. if you have dinner plans, no problems. the rain if it even falls, is already gone. the temperatures drop overnight tonight. so by tomorrow morning it is a chilly feel out there.
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it's breezy. temperatures in the 30s. jacket weather returns. look at future tracker for your sunday. bright skies. sunshine all day long right through the afternoon. we're keeping it quite as we head back to work on monday as well. then it gets a little unsettled this week. no major storms on the horizon. but you can see temperatures down into the 50s on sunday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday a chance of showers each day. lots of clouds and temperatures in the 60s. tap the news in the corner and scroll down to the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast, intera ive radar and how to submit your own weather video. this warm weather might not make you feel like the holidays are right around the corner but it's certainly starting to look like it, at least around rockefeller plaza. look at that. this time lapse video showing
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christmas tree out here on our plaza. and you can see hauling that ten on the norway spruce into place no easy task. takes quite a bit. that tree traveled to rockefeller center from oster county. >> there it was a front yard staple for a family and also a community. a mall crowd gathered to watch the evergreen come down, excited for its future but nostalgic for its past. >> it's going to a great place. a lot of other people can enjoy it. >> that tree's been growing in the front yard since he was four years old. you can watch . produce pete was talking
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week it's a bergan county institution that's closing its doors. >> not seeing my family every day. that's a big thing for me. >> reporter: kendall can barely hold back her tears. she is the fourth generation in the family to work here at the family farm and store. the store closed its doors after more than kbreer years in business. ed grew up on this farm. he and his wife elaine have run the business ever since they got married 64 years ago. but the numbers no longer add up. >> our utility bill is 20,000 dollars a month here in this building and we can't sell vegetables to cover those expenses. this is why we have to give it up.
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their land to developers. >> it's not just strangers waiting on you. it's a family that you can know and you always relied on. it's a great loss. >> reporter: this family-owned farm is the latest to close. part of the family business will remain open like their wholesale plant operation. more than 35,000 pointsettias are here. they will use their free time to travel and spend time with their family. loyal customers can't imagine shopping for food anywhere el. >> i'm really sad. >> why are you sad? >> because i'm going to miss the animals. >> sorry to see it go.
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after the break, yankees pitcher makes hisedirst public appearance since his stint in rehab.s>> first here's dave carter with your weekend ticket. >> hey everybody there are wo g new releases this week, the family film the peanuts movie and the james bond film specter. which is right for you? the peanuts movie is a sweet and charming family film that's a great mix of 3 d technology and all the classic characters that i've loved for years. tls opening this week is spectre. it's got crazy fight scenes and
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now let's see what movies our fans are buzzing about. here are this week's scores.
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s . welcome back on a saturday morning. yankees pitcher cc sa thia is talking about his decision to get his drinking and his life under control. >> hey there. good morning everybody. the nicks hosted the knicks hosted the bucks last night at the garden. the ksicks held the talent to just eight points. meanwhile, the rookie was a handful.
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five games is hardly a good sample size but the knicks have to be thrilled with this kid. the knicks and bucks were tied at 80- 80 in the fourth. they fall 99-92 to the bucks. nets hosting the lakers. someone was winning for the first time on the season. kobe bryant called himself the 200th best player in the league right now. he has not been good but he flashed a little old school kobe. that was a vintage up and under from the 37-year-old. he finished with 18 points. the lakers got to the free throw line 20 times. l.a. drops brooklyn to 0-6. 104-98 the final. the nets had to extend daniel
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murphy and they did. the second baseman has until november 30th to take it or ave it. it is expects he will say thanks but no thanks. murphy hit seven homers in october. he id coo in the world series. and his glove is a concern. but the mets would get a draft pick if murphy decides to leave th team. looks like the jets will get nick mangold back on sunday. their defense will be without their linebacker and corer back er cornerback. head coach tom coughlin says he'll make that pitch later this morning. cc sabathia is talking about his
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he basically hit the reset button. many were there to support him and supported him in the last month as he fights his drinking problem. he made his first public appearance. >> for you how important was it to be here for this tonight? >> the foundation is 100% of what i love to do and to be here for this -- i had to. so it feels good. >> we all know that he went through a difficult situation making a decision to get better. but at the end of the day as a teammate we support him.oshe's back with us and hopefully stays strong and continues to get better. >> i think i speak for everyone when i say it was good to see cc last night. enjoy the rest of your saturday. coming up next at 6:30 on
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concerns this morning about an intersection where an elderly woman was killed in a hit-and-run crash. plus a crime that may make your shake your head. cameras catch a man stealing from a church's collection box. and it's been a warm november so far but there's a chill heading our way tonight. i'll tell you who will see temperatures into the 30s even so lme frost possible north and west. we thought we' d be ready. tbut demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that.
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just take our word for it, it's the beginning of november even though it's 63 degrees out there. changes though are brewing. welcome back to "today in new york" on this saturday morning. >> it's been confusing. >> especially when they're putting the tree up in the back yard. i think a reality check is on our way. >> one of my neighbors had full
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christmas decorations out. very odd. and they did it in their shorts. >> what's the deal? >> it's california living, guys. you know they celebrate christmas in los angeles when it's 70, so why captain we? temperatures in the 70s yesterday. that's going to change today. we're back down in the 60s today, still above average. not expecting a whole lot of sunshine today. mostly cloudy, temperature into the 60s and a little breezy as well. look at your sunset time. 4:46 this afternoon. gets dark so early. temperatures to the 50s north and west of town. overnight tonight, this is when the chill moves back in. this is when you'll notice it. down to the 40s. probably the coldest night of the month so far in the city. skies will clear very nicely turning chill i
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get those jackets ready. you'll need them on your sunday morning. we'll take a look at the seven day forecast coming up in just a few. right now new safety concerns about an intersection where an 84-year-old woman was struck and killed by a casino bus. in that case the driver of the bus kept going. >> it's not clear whether he even saw that woman before he hit her. >> reporter: it's becoming known as one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. >> it's dangerous because you have these buses here and cars coming in way and more buses coming that way. it's bad. >> reporter: people are worried. an 84-year-old woman was killed by a bus thursday night as she was crossing the street. witnesses tell us she was thrown into other cars. >> three, four, five cars running over her. just hitting her.
6:30 am
bus kept on going. he's being questioned but he's not been charged with a crime. the victim lived by herself just eight blocks from the accident scene. heart broken neighbors tell us they knew her as lola, the friendly woman next door. >> she was a nice person. i like her very much. >> reporter: pedestrians are being warned to only cross at cross walks. elected officials are talking about making changes to this intersection. mayor de blasio also pointed out that pedestrian fatalities have dropped significantly since the start of his vision zero plan. >> for many many years in this country the car has been a little too sacred. we're losing people to traffic fatalities without changes in policy. >> reporter: next week police will be holding public hearings
6:31 am
to get the community's take on this. every solution is on the table. in flushing, michael george today in new york. mourners will say a final good-bye for the ten-year-old girl and her grandfather who were killed when a car slammed into a group of trick-or-treaters on halloween. they were killed last saturday when a car jumped a curb and slammed into them in the bronx. the mother says family is the key to surviving such tragedy. >> in terms of celebrating her life we're happy that she was able to live a good life. and my family is always here to support me, support my children and let us get through the rest of this. >> the 24-year-old was also killed while pushing his sister
6:32 am
he was laid to rest on saturday. this is the face of 31-year-old ray calderon after he was slashed on the forehead and the cheek. doctors needed nearly two dozen stitches to close those wounds. two teenagers have been charged with attacking him. >> an inmate emerged, grabbed him around his neck, put him in a chokehold and another inmate slashed his face repeatedly with what we belief was a scal pal pal or a razor. new information in the case of that connecticut couple whose bodies were found last week. they died of multiple gunshot wound. the couple disappeared august
6:33 am
the remains were found and police charged their son with murder earlier this week. her surrendered yesterday to start a seven-year sentence. the queens democrat was convicted of trying to bribe his way onto the 2013 mayor ral al mayoral. thieves striking a church on long island not once, not twice, but five times. >> at this point the smithtown church has lost thousands of dollars in much needed donations. >> reporter: sinners visit the smithtown church every day. but five times in recent months some actually committed their sins here. this donation box carries the scars of the latest theft last
6:34 am
month. church surveillance video shows a man breaking into it after sitting in a pew and waiting for others to leave. >> he just takes out whatever he has and break into the box and quickly takes the money and walks out the door. >> reporter: donation boxes like this have been broken into or stolen two other times. thieves have also pried into candle lighting donation boxes. as much as several thousand dollars have been taken. >> we think it was just a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: suffolk police crime stats show the number of thefts at houses of worship have remained constant. but that doesn't eliminate the surprise and sense of irony when it happens. one parishioner called this latest theft sick. rand others told me it's sad that houses of worship have to think
6:35 am
about things such as installing surveillance cameras to deter thieves. >> i don't know how people can do that to our churches. >> reporter: it's unclear if these thefts are connected but ed ed but they will not lock the doors against people who want to come here. coming up on this saturday morning a rare sight. a news 4 viewer caught this unusual sight on camera. and we'll be back with a check on the forecast.
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yosemite national park came roor roaring back to life this week. water cascaded over waterfalls
6:37 am
years due to drought. they're getting some much needed rain. we still need rain. that's not happening, at least not this weekend. >> no. i feel like week after week it's the same way. maybe a little bit of rain, but the drought just goes on and on. >> you're not getting bored, are you? >> i am. we need some action going. we're talking about a rain chance later on this week that's kind of paltry. less than a quarter of an inch. you like that word, pat? >> nice. >> if you're going to choose the day, tomorrow with the blue skies you may get those better pictures of the leaves and the colors around the city. let's take a look at storm tracker. today lots of clouds, some sunshine peeking through the clouds. tomorrow there's a big turn
6:38 am
around coming our way. some of this rain may clip new jersey jersey. you may see a few showers later on this this afternoon in places like toms river. 61 in woodbridge. 57 in howell. 64 right now in farmingdale. does not feel like november yet. tomorrow at this time it will feel like november. lots of clouds around the city and some sunshine as we head farther north and west of town. if you're heading out to dinner, maybe going to see a movie, looking good. mostly quiet conditions. any rain is long gone. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. it's a bright start to your second half of the weekend there. not a lot going on tomorrow. it's breezy, it's bright and it's chilly again. temperatures back to where they should be.
6:39 am
and we're keeping quie as we head into monday morning as well. there's your fall foliage. there you can see pink. that's peak conditions. past peak now into west chester counties. i'm telling you to go south and east if you want to check out the beautiful fall foliage. this is probably your last tweekd do weekend to do that. much cooler overnight tonight, down to 46 in the city. that will make it the coolest night of the month so far. gets even colder tomorrow night into monday morning. we're back into the 60s, slight chance of showers. the lack of rain basically continues. only some light showers possible towards the middle of the week.
6:40 am
you could see the latest forecasts, interactive radar and learn how to submit your own weather video. two fishermen made the catch of the day on a recent outing. they got a good picture. look at that. it's a hump back whale. a really rare sight out there. a man and his cousin spotted the whale breaching on sunday. they suspect the whale is hungry. beautiful. beautiful. >> looking for some somehow chow. later in our pet profile, why it is important to license your dog. and we're going to introduce you to this little guy and some
6:41 am
other adorable animals looking
6:42 am
well, if you've ever wanted to see the circus up close, the place to be is the big apple circus. >> we talk to the show's artistic director in this week's visiones. >> for its 38th season the big apple circus returns to lincoln center through january. this is the artistic director for the big apple circus. he's here oh tell to tell us a little bit about what audiences can expect. i love this circus. i always bring my kids every year. it's fantastic.
6:43 am
for for this year.n>> this year we tackle the roaring roaring 20s. in the 20s you had the beginning of airplanes, ships and automobiles. it was kind of the golden age of travel. >> tell us a little bit about who's in the line-up this year. >> we have two main,characcers, two clowns. they are new rkers. we have an act from china. we have wheel of wonder. it's a very scary aerial act from colombia. we have an amazing act from russia. we have our usual horses and dogs and a lot of our animals are rescues. and we're very proud of that. it's a very varied show, a
6:44 am
little bit pr for everybody. >> adults and children. >> he circus is one of those performing arts that can really be enjoyed by family going together and everyone enjoys it. >> and here what i love about the big apple cir s is that every seat is quite intimate. >> yeah. nobody's more than like 50 feet from the action. d it is -- we reainy thrive on that shared contact. the audience member can really see a human being doing something extraordin y. and our artists feed off the faceseof the audience that they can see as well. and in addition, the community, you can see people on the other side of the ring enjoying the show as well, laughing at the clowns with you. so it's a very inclusive experience. >> big apple circus does quite a bit with the clown cares program.
6:45 am
of our clown programs. we go to orthopedic facilities year round. re we also have add dap apted performs for hearing and sight impaired children. and also for autism. we are comedtted to connect, give back to the community and have as many ways as possible to present circus art. >> how can people get tickets? >>iwe're not nor for profit. our website is thank you so much.
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early detection is critical in fighting cancer a misdiagnosis or other errors can have serious consequences. for almost 40 years jacoby & meyers has successfully represented thousands of clients. winning them the money they need to take care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer.
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it's that time of the morning when we go across the street. >> just ahead on a saturday morning on "today," a six-year -old boy was killed by a barrage of bullets while riding in his father's car. >> also the controversy surrounding donald trump's hosting saturday night live. and why he has already refused to do some sketches. couple meets online, but it was when they discovered this past they shared that things really got interesting. we'll have that, plus al roker on the road for day two of the rocker-thon. it was hawaii yesterday. today he'll join us from alaskau >> do we know how long the
6:48 am
>> two weeks. >> thanks guys. time is 6:52. in this morning's profile we're talking about the importance of properly licensing your pet. good morning, guys. i think this is something that sometimes slips through the cracks a little bit. >> it's so important. the most important reason why is it's the law. if you're caught with your pup and it does not have a registered tag on the leash, you can get a ticket. it can be a little over $100e it happened to me years ago. >> what's the process for doing it? >> it's super easy. when you adopt from us we'll register for you. but you have to do it every year. thlee process is easy. they'll send you syoething in the mail. or you
6:49 am
nd you the form. or you can go to the department of health and hygiene and fill out the form. why is it so important? >> also if your pet gets lost, it's a much easier chance for them to get back to you. they'll be able to find you easily because you'll be in a register with your address. >> only dogs, not cats. >> if you have an outdoor cat, you might want to register the caeet too. this cat over here is eight months old. both of them are available in brooklyn at an event we're having at the petco. brooklyn in bensonhurst we'll have an adoption convenient. red has the softest fur, the most beautiful face. and kind of an independent spirit but loves belly rubs and
6:50 am
>> all cats have a little bit of an independent spirit. i love the little mark on the face. we have chihuahuas from time to time. the coat on this one is pretty nifty. >> pretty gorgeous. this is another puppy, just eight months old. and she is fixed and available today at 12:00. she is is sweet. she is a chihuahua mix. i'd say with a yorkie. she's very much in love with whoever is holding her. >> this dog will require a lot of attention. she wants to sit on your lap at all times. she is the perfect companion animal. she'll be at the petco in brooklyn today at 12:00.
6:51 am
>> is this a busy time for you? >> actually it's still quite crowded. we have a lot of cats and dogs up for adoption. today we're also have this adoption event. >> you can find more information
6:52 am
back now with a moving story about a family pet in danville, california. his name is goliath. he's a cow. the family rescued the eight week old calf from a nearby dairy farm. he was sick. they nursed him to health. the family's great dane helps out. he plays along with the great dane and takes naps on the sofa. >> boy, i just hope the house
6:53 am
>> i was just about to say what happens when he needs to move his bowels? >> then i see a cow on the couch. >> very cute. >> already, guys. we're doing okay in terms of the weather now. we will see a little bit of sunshine today. cooler than yesterday. bye 70s, hello 60s. it's a little breezy as well. one or two showers south of new york city. otherwise it's dry. now, tonight it gets chilly down to the 40s in the city, 30s north and west of town. tomorrow only in the 50s. we're taking you day by day down into reality. tomorrow is sunny though. it's beautiful and right bright and breezy. tuesday through thursday scattered showers, nothing major.
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